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like pickles and olives. And sucking the salt off my pretzels. Maybe that last one is TMI?

What’s your thing? While your photo session may not include pictures of you enjoying your favorite foods – I mean, we can do that if you want to – there is a whole realm of things that make you you. Connecting with my clients is important to me, and getting to know these silly things about each other can help us click!

Speaking of clicks, I absolutely adore clicking photographs of families with young children. When I became a mom, it was amazing to me what a deep connection I felt with other moms, and I love how photography helps me express that. We all think our babies are the cutest (no matter their age because they’ll always be our babies!), and the desire to have beautiful photos of them is strong!

Even though we’re all in the same motherhood boat, we all have different experiences as moms. Whether you’re crying tears of joy at your newborn session or crying tears of exhaustion, I want you to know I’m here for you. I had one fusspot of a baby and one super chill one, so I have the experience to handle whichever type your baby is, and I’ll be your shoulder to cry on if you’d like.

I’m honored that people choose me to photograph important milestones in their life and create beautiful memories to display in their homes, in crisp, true-to-life colors. Once you’re several years in, you realize it’s all a blur, and it’s so wonderful to have these memories to hold in your hands and look back on.


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A snapshot into my life

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Of course, my family tops the list of my favorite things! My kids are at such fun ages and my husband and I love to get outside with them, whether it's to the beach or the forest. When we're at home, my favorite thing to do with my kids is read! Reading is a favorite hobby of mine, and I've worked hard to instill a love of reading in them. 

My family


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If you know me at all, then you know how important both my morning and afternoon coffee are to me! I go to bed thinking about the joy that is my morning cup of coffee, and my afternoon espresso beverage (cappuccino in the winter, iced latte or americano in warm weather) just makes me happy. Regular or decaf, it doesn't really matter--I just love having a cup of coffee in my hands!

My beautiful coffee bar


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Whether we're exploring the U.S. or another country, I love going on trips with my family. Lately, we've been focused on stateside travel with the kids, but look forward to getting out into the world again soon. We love the places we've already traveled to so much, that it makes it hard to decide where to go next - we want to visit the same places again, but we also want to visit new ones! 

with my family in southern italy


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I love getting outdoors with my family and being amongst our California trees. I want my life to smell like eucalyptus and bay trees! I've been known to pick a bay leaf up off the ground and smell it throughout a hike. Our coastal cypress and redwoods are gorgeous too, even if they have no scent. 

Coffee stop in a redwood forest - two favorites in one!

California Trees

My Favorite Things

She can do it all and makes taking photographs a fun and memorable experience (even when your newborn won’t sleep or your toddler doesn’t want to take photos). Laura is so patient and kind and makes you feel so comfortable while taking your picture. Her new photobook and canvas offerings are also beautiful and of such high quality. I just cannot recommend Laura enough!

maternity, newborn and family sessions

Kelly C.

 Laura was also great at calming my baby down! She handled my daughter as if she was family, super sweet and loving! Thank you Laura for such a great experience!

Newborn Session

Tarnjit K.

Laura made the whole process so easy. She met us there and knew of some places there with great trees and light that we walked to before doing pictures on the beach. She knew the perfect time to be there to get the perfect light. She was wonderful with my 6 and 8 year old boys. She was also very helpful with outfit ideas and poses. We got our pictures recently and they are amazing! I would highly recommend Laura!

Family session

Jen C.

The whole process was seamless. After selecting a date and location, Laura sent over some links on outfit ideas that she thought would work well with our location. She also took the time to get to know details about my children before the session so she could easily engage with them. The day of the session, she offered suggestions for different poses, but also fed off the energy of my two little kids.

Family Session

Liz P.

Laura’s service and product was amazing from the beginning to the end. One important service that makes her business stand out is that she helps you to setup the photos at your home. She helps to design your wall with recommendations of print sizes. If this service wasn’t provided I’m not sure how long it would take for us to take the time to print out the pictures let alone figure out what to print. She really takes care of you from the beginning to the end. 

family Session

Sunshine S.


You Deserve the best

When you book a portrait session with Laura Michele Photography, you’ll receive a personalized experience along with beautiful professionally printed, heirloom quality products.

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