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Little girl in a purple dress standing in front of the Santa Clara University mission church
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Tucked into the heart of Silicon Valley is a beautiful college campus, and it’s no wonder that many would be interested in a Santa Clara University Photography session. Although many are drawn to the campus for its photographic backdrop, according to their policy, professional photography is only allowed for current students, faculty and alumni, and […]

Santa Clara University Photography


mom holding newborn baby's tiny hand and newborn is looking at mom
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There’s a lot that goes into raising a baby. From trying out the latest gear to keep them happy to finding clothes that are soft enough for their gentle skin, it feels like we’re always searching for the next best thing. And while everything promises it’s about to make our lives as parents a billion […]

Tiny Tots Diaper Service for Eco-Friendly Diaper Disposal


newborn baby looking up at her mom
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Planning for a comfortable, caring labor and delivery experience can be challenging as you approach your pregnancy’s end. From natural, low-intervention births to hospital births with a wide range of medical services, bringing a new baby into the world should always involve professional, patient-centered care. Women and infants are the top priority at these three […]

Choose a San Jose Birthing Center for Comfort & Support

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