Amazing Locations For a Session with Your San Jose Family Photographer

The Bay Area has no shortage of beautiful locations for photo sessions. With all the beauty in our golden hills, you’re bound to find the perfect location for you San Jose Family Photography session. You’re going to find a plethora of beautiful places as your backdrop. As a San Jose family photographer, I always have some stunning locations to recommend to my clients. Take a look at the best locations for your next session!

8 Top San Jose Family Photography Locations

Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch

Bernal- Gulnac-Joice Ranch is a Santa Teresa County Park neighbor. The grasses here are golden in the
dry season and green during rainy season. Here, you’ll also find a cute old gray barn and fence that give this location some interest.

It’s definitely a throwback to earlier California living. On this property, you’ll find a historic ranch house, gardens, barns, and a restored space equipped with furnishings and tools typical of California farm life in the early 1900s. The rustic barn and farm atmosphere offer a massive variety of locations to use by your San Jose family photographer.

Address: 372 Manila Dr, San Jose, CA 95119

Hours: Daily 8 am-Sunset

Almaden Lake

Almaden Lame is a 65-acre space that offers a pretty lake view and an easy path to walk along. The lake
area features Los Alamitos Creek and large Almaden Lake (which offers many picnic areas and
surrounding trails). You’ll also find an amphitheater, benches throughout the park, stunning lake views,
greenery, and vegetation. In addition, your furry friend can come along for portraits as long as they are

Address: 6099 Winfield Blvd San Jose, CA 95120

Hours: Daily 8 am-1 hour after sunset

mom in orange dress holding her baby who is reaching for her hat at their san jose photography session

County Park Locations from Your San Jose Family Photographer

Hellyer County Park

Hellyer County Park is a 178-acre urban park. You can find it the southernmost portion of San Jose. This park features an exciting bridge and a lake with beautiful fall colors in early December.

Coyote Creek runs through the center of the park and is the main focus of the park’s natural environment. The thick undergrowth and tall trees characterize the well-defined creek channel, which offers multiple trails, oak trees, cottonwood trees, and sycamore trees. There are so many options at this San Jose family photography destination.

Address: 985 Hellyer Ave San Jose, CA 95111

Hours: Daily 8 am-Sunset

Santa Teresa County Park

If you’re up for a little hike, there are some great views in the end. Santa Teresa County park is full of
classic California scenery with oaks, grasses, and hills. This 1,673-acre park is rich in history. It comes with spectacular views from its trails above the Almaden and Santa Clara Valleys. Located in the Santa Teresa Hills, ten miles south of downtown San Jose are secluded upland valleys and beautiful wildflower displays in the spring. The rolling hills of tall grass that turn gold in the warmer months make for stunning backdrops along the miles of trails at this San Jose family photographer’s playground.

Address: 260 Bernal Rd San Jose, CA 95119

Hours: Daily 8 am-Sunset

Calero County Park

Calero County Park is really similar to Santa Teresa County Park and is one of Santa Clara County’s most
diverse park and recreation areas. This 4,471-acre park is nestled in the eastern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and features a large reservoir.

The back country offers an incredible display of wildflowers and breathtaking views of southern Santa
Clara County and the surrounding Santa Cruz Mountain Range. Here, your furry friends can come and be
on a leash for a photography session of their own. Dog-friendly trails are Bald Peaks Trail and all trails north of Bald Peaks Trail.

Address: 23205 McKean Rd, San Jose, CA 95120

Hours: Daily 8 am-Sunset

Alviso Marina County Park

Alviso is a marshland with interesting pathways through the marsh and grasses. This location is excellent
for sessions right at sunset (though keep in mind it can be pretty windy). The 20.6-acre bayside park is located along Alviso slough and adjacent to the salt ponds and Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge marshes. This space is full of pathways, boardwalks, trails, and gorgeous views of the Bay Area’s mountains, offering endless backdrops for your San Jose photographer to play with.

Address: 1195 Hope St San Jose, CA 95002

Hours: Daily 8 am-Sunset

mom holding her one year old baby at their san jose photography session

Regional Park Locations from Your San Jose Photographer

Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

Guadalupe Oak Grove Park is home to classic California scenery with oaks (hence the name!) and
stunning views. The golden grasses in the dry season and green grasses in the rainy season are great for those family portraits. With over 62.7 acres of paths/trails and sections of grassland overlooking the benches, this location is an attractive choice full of a variety of photographs for a San Jose photographer.

Address: 5982 Thorntree Drive San Jose, CA 95002

Hours: Daily 8 am-Sunset

Edenvale Gardens Regional Park

Edenvale Gardens Regional Park contains flat paths, eucalyptus, and oak trees. This 19.5-acre space is unique as it offers a playground for the kids and multiple picnic areas to get those fun and intimate family portraits with your San Jose family photographer. Here, you’ll find tons of greenery and quaint pathways to follow.

Address: 200 Edenvale Ave. San Jose, CA 95109

Hours: Daily 8 am-1 hour after sunset

San Jose Family Photographer

When it comes to portraits, you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, you’re in the presence of
someone familiar with all of the best places to visit for a photo session. So, view more of my San Jose
family photographer portfolio
, and let’s schedule your session at one of these outstanding locations!
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