How to Prepare for your Newborn Portrait Session

It can be nerve wracking to let someone you don’t know in your home right after you’ve had a baby. Especially when you’re not sure what to expect from your newborn session. Knowing how to prepare for your San Francisco newborn photography session can help you relax and know your photos will come out beautifully.

Here’s How to Prepare for Your Newborn Portrait Session

First, select your outfits in advance. We’ll have a planning meeting to select your family’s outfits before baby arrives. Moms are typically most comfortable in loose fitting clothing or a comfortable dress. I encourage clients to wear neutral colors.

Make decor purchases well before baby arrives. A lot of the focus on decorating understandably goes towards baby’s nursery. If there’s anything else in your home you’d like to touch up before your photos, make those purchases before baby arrives! A well-placed plant or new bedding can do wonders for your photos. We’ll likely be planning wall art for your home, so you don’t need to plan for that!

Mom and dad holding their newborn baby girl near a window
It’s amazing what a single plant can add to a photo!

Next, it’s important to clear clutter from surfaces. I know this can be challenging right after having a baby, so focus on the rooms we’ll most likely be photographing in. Those rooms are typically the master bedroom, nursery and living room. Don’t forget to make your bed! A full laundry basket or two that we can shove to the side is no big deal!

Lastly, if there’s an older sibling, consider having a grandparent or friend come to help. Since young siblings tend to have a short attention span, I’ll photograph the family and siblings first, and then release them to do something more fun for them while I finish up parent and baby photos. Many families have found it helpful to have a grandparent around who can keep the sibling entertained!

No matter what, I have a lot of experience working with different homes and creating beautiful images with whatever I’m given. These steps will only work to help create the images you desire for your family.

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