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children hugging their mother's pregnant belly
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The postpartum time period is a time of healing, connection and adjustment. For these reasons, it can be difficult for new parents to get out of the house; even for necessary things such as postpartum checkups or an unexpected case of mastitis. Enter the postpartum midwife who can help with all of the above! As […]

What is a Postpartum Midwife? An Interview with a Bay Area Postpartum Midwife

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mom holding newborn baby
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Blossom Birth and Family in Palo Alto is an amazing non-profit resource for expectant and young families. They offer a wide variety of classes and information for Bay Area parents, from prenatal yoga and childbirth classes, to baby sign language and infant massage classes. Located on California Avenue in Palo Alto, they host classes both […]

Spotlight On Blossom Birth and Family in Palo Alto

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newborn baby looking up at mom
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The time right after giving birth is huge transition period. Not only are parents getting to know the new human they created, but birthing people are also recovering from an event that had a major impact on their bodies, usually with very little sleep. As a bay area newborn photographer, I interact with many people […]

How a Postpartum Doula in the Bay Area Helps Support New Families: An Interview with Bay City Doulas

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