Palo Alto Preschools for a Wonderful Beginning Education for Kids!

Kids have a way of kicking your brain into high gear. When you’re not stressing out over things like screen time or healthy snacks, you’re thinking about all the ways you can make sure they have the best head start in life. One of the best things you can do to set your little one up for success is choosing a preschool that will engage their mind and put them in an environment that will let them thrive. Not only will they get the chance to develop social skills, but the right preschool will teach them how to interact with the world while learning independence. If you’re finding yourself combing through the endless list of Palo Alto preschools, I would love to tell you about some of my favorite options in the city and explain why I think you’ll love them, too! 

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Seven Top-Rated Palo Alto Preschools

Palo Alto Academy Bilingual Montessori

Palo Alto Academy Bilingual Montessori has two locations for preschool children between the ages of 2-6. The center prioritizes building real-life skills by letting your child explore their environment. The school teaches academic lessons in both English and Chinese. Your child will be able to learn a second language in a place where they feel safe and loved. The academy encourages parents to involve themselves in their children’s education. Additionally, they work with you to know how you can assist in your child’s growth. The school is well-studied in children’s development and has created an age-appropriate atmosphere that will foster your child’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder. 

Parents Nursery School

Parents Nursery School cooperative preschool, founded in 1949, invites Palo Alto parents to have an active part in their children’s education. You’ll spend some of the week alongside your child, working with them as they learn. The curriculum is play-based. Encouraging your child to learn by interacting with the world around them. Throughout the day, your child will have independent playtime in the school’s gorgeous yard, with storytimes leading from one activity into the next. For four mornings each week, your child will get the chance to develop literacy skills, grow their fine motor skills, and complete hands-on science and math activities. They’ll be able to prepare for kindergarten in a way that works best for them. 

Palo Alto Montessori

Palo Alto Montessori was founded in 1977 and has spent decades helping preschool children aged 2-5 prepare for elementary school. The preschool has established a deep feeling of community and will grow your child’s social skills by encouraging cooperation in daily activities. The outside play yard overflows with nature, letting your child explore however they see fit. The curriculum is led by trained teachers who are passionate about aiding your child in their growth. Your child will have interactive lessons learning about subjects such as geometry, zoology, botany, and gardening. They can also learn additional lessons in topics such as Spanish, gymnastics, and ballet. 

Friends Nursery School

Friends Nursery School was started in 1954 as a center on the cutting edge of early childhood education. The center has a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing your child to have the attention they need for learning. Friends Nursery School has worked for years to develop a curriculum scientifically proven to be effective for your little one’s learning. The children are treated with kindness and respect as they develop fine motor skills, grow social skills, and become emotionally intelligent. The teachers gently guide lessons and work individually with students to make sure they are getting the best assistance. The schoolhouse was created to feel cozy, while the play yard provides the perfect environment for your child to explore. 

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Learning Links

Learning Links preschool opened in 2006 and has spent over 15 years creating an unparalleled head start for Palo Alto kids. The program was founded through AbilityPath, a non-profit devoted to helping kids and families around the Bay Area. The center works to break down barriers that children from different communities and abilities might face. The school gives your child plenty of outdoor playtime while packing class time with interactive lessons in topics such as STEM, music, language, and literacy. Your child will grow social skills through interacting with their classmates and participating in exciting activities. The school also works to develop fine motor and cognitive skills. 


Since 2004, Au P’tit Monde has made learning French exciting for Palo Alto preschool children fun! The school provides an immersive education in the French language through telling stories, singing songs, and playing games. It might seem overwhelming, but the lessons are specially formulated to help your little one pick up the language quickly. Through providing such a thorough education in a new language, your child will continuously be growing their cognitive skills. In addition, they will continue learning how to think on their toes. On top of the French lessons, your little one will learn cooking, grow their social skills, and begin building math and reading skills.

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years preschool is a play-based center that has created age-appropriate environments to foster your Palo Alto child’s education. The school has four different locations across the Bay Area and can accommodate children between the ages of 2-5. Your child will participate in a daily routine built to engage their minds and develop lasting friendships. The teachers work to focus on each child so they can understand how to best serve their needs. They’ll teach lessons that will encourage cognitive and developmental growth. Your child will not only learn kindergarten preparedness but will understand how to participate in the community surrounding them. The school is intentional about instilling a love of learning in your child that will last for years. 

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Palo Alto Preschools

There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to preschool, and the decision can be stressful. With any of these Palo Alto preschools, I’m positive you’ll find a wonderful environment that will let your little one learn and grow. 

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