4 Top-Rated Palo Alto Prenatal Yoga Studios

Yoga is a great way to stay active and in tune with your body, especially while pregnant. Whether you’re
new or a pro, there are tremendous benefits. Here are a few of the best Palo Alto prenatal yoga classes.

Palo alto pregnant woman in a lacy dress standing next to a rose bush with redwood trees in the background

Blossom Birth and Family

Founded in 1999, Blossom Birth and Family is a 501 c(3) community-based non-profit and offers
community, support, yoga, and wellness in many stages of life. While also offering many resources such
as family planning, doulas, and information, they also host yoga classes. Currently, they
offer the options of outdoor yoga at a local park, in-studio yoga at the Palo Alto JCC, and online yoga. At this time, Blossom Birth and Family offers three price options for prenatal yoga, with a drop-in class, 8-class pass, and an unlimited monthly pass. Blossom Birth and Family hosts many classes and events, such as gathering events to bring families and professionals together.

Yoga of Los Altos

Yoga of Los Altos is a boutique studio with the best teachers offering a fresh and diverse yoga program for all levels. This studio believes that yoga brings you energy, takes away stress, helps build and maintain fitness, and is terrific for pregnant bodies. Their prenatal yoga program is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering, and focused breathing. This yoga class is specifically for moms-to-be, appropriate for newly pregnant women and women well into their 3rd trimester. Their prenatal classes include a new student’s first class special, drop-in classes, bundled classes, and other new student specials.

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Lotus Blossom Prenatal Yoga

Opened in 2019, Lotus Blossom is a local, woman-owned yoga studio that focuses on training yoga instructors while offering prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. Both founders had the same philosophy. These women provide significant resources to pregnant mamas with great passion. They also want to educate and train other teachers so their passion can be shared. All Lotus Blossom classes are personalized to meet your needs, whether in person or online. As part of the class, you will have an opportunity to address any discomforts or questions you may have. You can also build connections with others in the same stage of their lives. During Lotus Blossom’s yoga classes, breath-focused meditation sets the stage for self-inquiry. In addition, a more comfortable pregnancy and postpartum can be had by practicing postures that target core stability, pelvic floor awareness, and movement.

Throughout the practice, mindfulness meditation is woven as a tool for coping with labor and all the challenges that parenting is sure to bring. For deep relaxation, each practice concludes with a restorative pose. After class, students are invited to remain on Zoom or in the studio to ask further questions. At Lotus Blossom, students can grab a single drop-in class, class bundles, or unlimited monthly memberships.

pregnant woman in a long lacy white dress in a rose garden with a fountain in the background

Nandi Yoga

Just a little up the peninsula is Nandi Yoga, located at 309 8th Avenue in San Mateo, California. Nandi Yoga was established in 2008 and is known for having one of the greenest yoga studios in the country. This convenient yoga studio provides a warm, eco-friendly environment for expecting mothers. With a low student-to-teacher ratio and many experienced instructors, Nandi Yoga provides the complete prenatal yoga experience. Nandi Yoga offers virtual classes, outdoor classes, and 1:1 sessions to cater to every need of moms-to-be. Additionally, Nandi Yoga offers live-streamed community classes.

Palo Alto Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is incredibly beneficial regardless of where you are at in your pregnancy or motherhood journey.
These three Palo Alto Prenatal Yoga studios are bound to be excellent choices and meet your needs and expectations.

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