San Francisco Birth Center for Personal, Dedicated Midwifery Care

There are plenty of advantages to using a Birth Center; trusted and trained midwives, comfortable and cozy birthing suites, and the freedom to take charge of your birth experience are only a few. San Francisco Birth Center provides all its clients with personal, compassionate care focused on community and family. If you are considering an out-of-hospital birth in the Bay Area, read on to find out more about this incredible childbirth resource!

About San Francisco Birth Center

San Francisco Birth Center is home to 9 midwives (Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, and Licensed Midwives), all committed to offering comprehensive, individualized, and holistic midwifery care

For them, a unique benefit to working at the SF Birth Center is the ability to provide hands-on interaction and collaborative decision-making while having the privilege of assisting families through an empowering and healthy birth experience. You are never just a patient when you work with SF Birth Center – you are a part of their intimate community of growing families. 

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San Francisco Birth Center creates a comfortable, home-like environment where families can safely welcome their newest addition. The Birth Center has two bright and sunny birthing suites with plenty of space for moving around, large birthing tubs, and plenty of other tools to help make your birth experience more comfortable and empowering. 

When you choose San Francisco Birth Center, you are free to drink, eat, and move around as you see fit, as well as choose whichever positions feel most comfortable. Your family and support persons are always welcome to encourage you and participate in your journey to parenthood. A midwife is always present to monitor safety and offer guidance and support. 

Hydrotherapy, or submersion in water, is encouraged throughout labor, as it can help relax tense muscles and help to facilitate movement. Waterbirth is also an option, and delivering your baby into water has been known to promote an easier transition from womb to air. Your midwife can help you decide whether a water birth may be right for you as you create your birth plan together. 

Once your baby has arrived, your postpartum care begins with two to three home visits during the first week of their life, followed by office visits at two weeks old and 5-6 weeks old. The SF Birth Center team will help you and your family transition to your new family dynamics while ensuring that both mom and baby are healthy and recovering well. Extensive lactation support is also available for those who need it. 

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A unique methodology of SF Birth Center is their group prenatal care, which places families into groups to provide opportunities to share stories and resources, learn from each other, and create lifelong relationships. Once you become a client of SF Birth Center, you’ll begin your journey with three private prenatal sessions focused on your individual needs and upcoming pregnancy milestones. 

Then you’ll transition to eight prenatal group visits where you’ll learn alongside other expectant families. At 36 weeks, you’ll resume private visits and continue one-on-one consultations throughout the rest of your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy and childbirth can feel isolating, but you’re never alone. SF Birth Center helps you to create a community of camaraderie.  

San Francisco Birth Center

If you are considering a birth center for your birth experience and you live in the Bay Area, take the time to check out San Francisco Birth Center. They offer free virtual info sessions to learn more about the organization, facilities, and midwives. You can easily sign up on their website. 

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