Dedicated Pregnancy Care With Dr Justin Thompson

Appointments that aren’t rushed, supportive expertise, personalized care – these are among the list of things that women desire for their prenatal care. With all of the OBGYNs out there, choosing one for pregnancy care can be a daunting decision. Enter Dr. Justin Thompson of Dedicated Pregnancy Care in Palo Alto. When I heard about the personalized pregnancy care he provides his patients, I knew I wanted to learn more.

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Patients of Dr. Thompson love that they feel supported and heard throughout their pregnancy. They also appreciate an ultrasound at every visit, and the personalized, unhurried appointments.

Read on for a Q&A with Dr. Thompson, and be sure to reach out to his office with further questions about his practice.

Q&A with Palo Alto OBGYN Dr Justin Thompson

What made you want to become an OB-GYN?

As a medical student I was fascinated with the field of gynecologic oncology. I wanted to use my surgical skills to help save the lives of women like my grandmother, a uterine cancer survivor. As a prerequisite to my oncology training I did obgyn residency at Stanford Hospital. Throughout my 4 years of residency I discovered my true calling, helping patients bring babies safely into the world.

Tell me more about the personalized pregnancy care you provide for expecting moms in the Bay Area?

I think patients should be able to have all of their appointments with one doctor, be able to get a hold of their doctor if they have concerns, and know who will deliver their baby on the big day. By limiting the number of patients in our practice I’m able to truly partner with my patients on their pregnancy journey.

What prompted you to want to provide such personalized care to patients? Was there something you observed in your education and/or earlier years practicing as an OB-GYN?

Now that I’ve been delivering babies for 10 years I’ve had the opportunity to see the various forms of pregnancy care available. My vision for the best patient experience is based on feedback from my patients. I want to provide care that combines team work, direct access, and personal attention, all while having access to one of the best medical centers in the world. I believe providing depersonalized care as part of a large healthcare system is less than ideal for most patients and is driving the physician burnout epidemic.

What should someone expect during their first visit with you?

This visit usually lasts about 60 minutes. Rather than ask a patient to fill out a questionnaire, I review their health history in detail including their pregnancy history, pre-existing medical conditions, surgical history, medications, allergies, etc. This allows me to uncover anything that could have an impact on the health of mother or baby. Next we will do an ultrasound to confirm a healthy heart beat and the due date. We will explain and order prenatal labs, genetic testing, and perinatology ultrasounds. Finally we will answer all of your questions and concerns. No patient should ever leave their first prenatal visit with unanswered questions or concerns.

How often do you see patients during their pregnancy?

Most patients have about 13 prenatal visits throughout their pregnancy. Some patients have more if there are complications or concerns. Routine visits are initially every 4 weeks and become more frequent in the 3rd trimester. We never want patients to wait until their next appointment if they have an urgent concern. We will happily get you in asap, even on the weekends if needed!

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When is the first visit after giving birth, and what should a patient expect at that visit?

The first postpartum office visit is about 2 weeks after delivery unless you need us sooner. At that visit we check your blood pressure and ask some questions about pain/bleeding to make sure your recovery is on track. If you delivered your baby via cesarean section we will make sure the incision is healing well. We also ask about your mood and provide the appropriate resources if their are concerns for postpartum depression.

Where do you deliver babies?

Stanford Children’s Hospital.

Do you accept patients for routine gynecological care?

Yes. In addition to prenatal care we provide routine gynecologic care such as cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, contraception, and hormone replacement therapy etc.

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Dedicated Pregnancy Care with Dr Justin Thompson

Dr. Thompson and his team are happy to answer any questions you have about personalized pregnancy care. He understands that choosing a doctor for prenatal care can be a big decision, and offers a free phone or in-person consultation if you would like to meet him and learn more.

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