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There’s a lot to plan during pregnancy. Everything seems to be grabbing your attention, from the nursery themes to the registry. And because the experience is often surreal, it can be hard to visualize what those first few days following your delivery will actually be like. This is why finding the right birth center makes things a little clearer. By finding your ideal center, you can find out the practices and amenities and know exactly what to expect in the days after you meet your precious babe. If you’ve been looking for the perfect spot to deliver, I would love to tell you all about the Alta Bates Birth Center

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About the Alta Bates Birth Center

Alta Bates Birth Center is an extension of Sutter Health. For over a century, Sutter Health has been there to help Californians with excellent healthcare amid unimaginable crises. From natural disasters and epidemics to pioneers and gold miners, Sutter Health has been through it all. 

This not-for-profit hospital might not cater to as many gold rushes these days. However, its birth center is still home to Western California’s population boom. Each year, the Alta Bates Birth Center assists in around 6,000 births. Their quality care, combined with their comfortable atmosphere, makes this center one of the best options for your birth. 


The Alta Bates Birth Center is committed to offering comprehensive care to every family. The center offers private rooms with large showers or whirlpool tubs to assist you throughout your labor. The staff ensures your voice is heard throughout the entire process. The doctors and nurses are known for their compassion. They take the time to listen to you and ensure your voice is heard. The rooms are spacious and feature cozy sleeper couches for your partner. 

Following labor, you’ll move to a new room where you can recover comfortably. The center is in the midst of joining five other Sutter Health locations as a certified baby-friendly hospital. They will prioritize immediate bonding between you and your baby and encourage breastfeeding. Your baby will always be by your side so you can spend those precious early days together. 


Throughout your pregnancy, you can receive care from the Alta Bates providers. On top of their obstetricians, the center offers midwives to handle low-risk pregnancies. Your midwife can provide personalized, collaborative care and ensure you have the answers you need at any point. 

The center’s NICU is unrivaled. Designed by parents, doctors, and nurses, the NICU offers a comfortable and private space for you and your baby should you need it. The hospital provides exceptional support and ongoing care once your baby graduates from the center. 

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Alta Bates Birth Center

Finding the right delivery center can be an intimidating choice. By choosing Alta Bates Birth Center, you can recover comfortably surrounded by the best providers. 

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