Glow Birth and Body for a Relaxing Prenatal Massage in Oakland

Try as you might, nothing can prepare you for the experience of pregnancy, and all of the changes to your body can cause discomfort in some women. With all the stretching and pulling, pregnancy can be rough on your body. Regular prenatal massages can provide comfort and relief as your body grows and changes. Plus, they’re pretty dang relaxing, and you deserve that! If you’ve been considering getting a prenatal massage in Oakland, I would love to tell you all about Glow Birth and Body! 

About Glow Birth and Body

Sara Lyon started Glow Birth and Body in 2010. Sara is a doula, an author, a childbirth educator, a mother, and an expert massage therapist. She sees birth as a beautiful time in life that connects us all. As a result, she wants to keep this period sacred by relieving your body of the aches and pains that tend to accompany pregnancy. Since the center opened 13 years ago, over 12,000 women have been treated across the three locations. In Oakland, Glow Birth and Body works out of Bravebird Bodywork.


The Oakland Glow Birth and Body offers massage therapy through its local masseuse, Tara. Tara is a mother herself and has worked as a massage therapist with Glow for over ten years. She combines experience and training to deliver a truly unforgettable session focusing on relaxing bodywork. Over the 85 minutes, you’ll be treated to a massage designed to reduce swelling, stress, and pain. The stress relief you’ll feel throughout these massages has been proven to regulate your hormones, resulting in mood improvements and better cardiovascular health. The pain relief also leads to better sleep and improved circulation. By scheduling regular massages with Glow, you’ll feel the months of pregnancy become much more manageable. 


On top of their life-changing massages, Glow Birth and Body has a variety of resources that will help you feel empowered throughout your pregnancy. From Sara’s multiple books to regular articles on the site focusing on different concerns that regularly occur throughout these nine months, Glow is ready to equip you with the knowledge you need. The center also has fantastic resources for partners preparing to assist with the birth. The Birth Deck provides flashcards focused on helping your partner get ready for when labor starts. These flashcards are not only informative but also a great way to bond as you both prepare for the arrival of your little one! 

close up of a pregnant woman's belly with her hands on it. She is wearing a pink lacy dress and there is a glow of light and foliage behind her.

Glow Birth and Body

Booking regular prenatal massages is one of the best things you can do for yourself throughout pregnancy. With Glow Birth and Body, you’ll not only feel relief from the strain of pregnancy but will also feel prepared as you draw closer to your baby’s arrival. 

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