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Sometimes in pregnancy, the idea of even getting up and moving is enough to need a nap. Your body constantly changes, expanding and stretching in ways that aren’t even scientifically possible. When you’re not adjusting to the frequent shifts, you’re battling symptoms (including severe fatigue!). With so much happening, it can be hard to think about exercise, but finding ways to be in movement is incredibly helpful. It can lead to a healthier pregnancy and has also been shown to build stamina for labor. This is why I positively love prenatal yoga. The exercise is gentle and relaxing and will improve your posture, decrease stress, and improve sleep quality. Plus, in-person yoga studios allow you to connect with other women in a similar season, allowing you to make vital mom friends who will be there for years to come. If you’re looking for a beautiful San Jose Prenatal Yoga studio, I would love to tell you about some of my favorites! 

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The Best San Jose Prenatal Yoga Studios

Lotus Blossom Yoga

Jeanna Lurie has always been passionate about helping growing families. In 2001, she became a birth educator and a doula. She added a San Jose Prenatal Yoga instructor to her resume three years later. Over the years, she has never stopped studying the practice, earning certification after certification, demonstrating her devotion to caring for growing families. She opened Lotus Blossom Yoga in 2016 with her colleague, Hillary Easom, to provide classes centered around family-oriented practices. 

Lotus Blossom Yoga offers specialized prenatal yoga classes. Often, yoga studios create classes with a few modifications for their pregnant clientele. Still, Jeanna has ensured her classes precisely target muscles strained by pregnancy. The classes can be in-person or live-streamed. Jeanna offers prenatal and postpartum classes and courses that will help you strengthen your pelvic floor. On top of these classes, Jeanna offers private consultations to give you specialized help for your practice. Couples’ prenatal yoga workshops and parents’ meditation groups can also be found. Lotus Blossom has gone out of its way to being an inclusive center for every kind of family. You can come as you are and expect a meaningful exercise. 

Almaden Yoga

Yoga was a lifelong pursuit for Anuja Chaudhri. Since she was a child in India, she practiced constantly and was even named the top of her state of Delhi in high school. As an adult, it went on the back burner as she moved to the United States and began a tech job. When her first marriage fell apart, and she re-evaluated her life, she began to think more about pursuing yoga again. Her new husband, Ron Victor, was nothing but supportive. He helped her open the studio, and soon, she began inspiring yogis across San Jose. Since its creation over 11 years ago, Anuja has taught over 2,500 yoga classes and taken new teachers under her wing. The studio now has twenty teachers with different passions and specialties. 

At Almaden, you can find various classes, including prenatal courses. The studio invites you to bring your spouses to this class as you stretch and strengthen necessary muscles. You can also attend gentle yoga classes, including restorative yoga and sound baths. No matter your skill level, you’ll love their relaxing classes. 

Marti Foster Yoga

Yoga has always been healing for Marti Foster. Growing up, Marti adored dancing and constantly moved along to the music. As she got a little older, she was diagnosed with scoliosis and was prescribed yoga as a holistic form of treatment. For years, she diligently practiced until she eventually healed of the affliction. Ever since, she’s dedicated herself to teaching others how to use the practice for exercise and chronic pain relief. 

This San Jose Prenatal Yoga instructor teaches various prenatal yoga classes, all tailored to suit your body’s needs. During the course, you’ll strengthen muscles and build resilience. The courses are provided virtually and in person, allowing you to connect with other mothers. Marti provides private sessions that allow you to target different problem areas. And once your baby is born, you’ll adore the Baby and Me yoga classes. These sessions encourage your postpartum recovery and allow you to take your baby along, creating a particular bonding time with you and your little one. 

Yoga Bharati

Yoga Bharati has become a favorite yoga studio across the nation, with six locations all around the country. The center in the Bay Area is the headquarters and was started over a decade ago. Yoga Bharati has a strong philosophy regarding their practice and believes in incorporating ancient traditions with contemporary ideas. The Bay Area location has over 500 trained teachers who have taught over 50,000 hours of yoga. They ensure all their teachers are ready to adhere to their principles while building their clients’ practices. 

On top of the many classes offered at Yoga Bharati, the center offers customized prenatal yoga classes. In these courses, you’ll focus on breathwork and asanas while strengthening necessary muscles. The classes are proven to reduce anxiety and prepare you for childbirth. You’ll feel your symptoms lessen through the sessions as your practice improves. 

San Jose Prenatal Yoga

Suppose you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate exercise into your classes but want something more relaxing than a HIIT class. In that case, you’ll adore these prenatal yoga studios. With fabulous classes led by enthusiastic teachers, you’ll feel all the stress of pregnancy begins to melt away. 

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