San Jose Midwife | 4 Teams to Lead You Through Labor and Birth

Are you expecting and considering a midwife? A San Jose midwife can help you feel calm, confident, and prepared for your birthing journey. San Jose midwives are experienced, compassionate, and supportive and want your birth to be the best it can be!

San Jose Midwife Teams for Your Birth

Birth With Hope Midwifery

Birth With Hope Midwifery is a San Jose midwife who believes that every mother should be free to choose where and how they give birth. They also ensure that she receives the personal and nurturing that she needs. Birth With Hope Midwifery provides many services as your San Jose midwife along your pregnancy and birth journey. They will provide routine prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum care. You will receive regular prenatal visits between 45 and 60 minutes, as well as prenatal lab and blood work and ultrasound if desired.

During your birth, your midwife will be on call 24/7 and with you throughout your entire delivery as support. After you give birth, you can receive a newborn screening and postpartum checkups until six weeks after the baby arrives. For more information, you can visit Birth With Hope Midwifery in person at their office or call or email them directly to find out more.

Sunshine Midwifery

Sunshine Midwifery is a San Jose midwife who provides services and home births in the comfort of your home. This way, you can relax and enjoy your labor. Sunshine Midwifery offers a licensed midwife to provide home birth, water birth, and all midwife services from prenatal to postpartum.

You can call or make an initial two-hour appointment costing about $500. This includes creating your birth plan and going over any questions or needs you may have to prepare for your little one to arrive. At Sunshine Midwifery, they offer in-person classes and support for lactation, parenting, and play groups once your baby gets here. So call them or head over to their website for your first appointment.

Haumea Birth

This San Jose midwife team began in 2013 and was created to provide families with remarkable birth experiences. Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. The idea of birth and rebirth perfectly represents what Haumea Birth believes. They are a group of independent, licensed midwives, doulas, and other complementary practitioners. They have come together to offer holistic home birth midwifery, well-woman care, doula services, and support for expectant and new families.

Haumea Birth also offers childbirth preparation classes, placenta encapsulation, hypnotherapy, massage, a breastfeeding support group, and lactation services. In addition, they host weekly, monthly, and quarterly events, including Homebirth Lunch, Homebirth Info Session, Doula Info Session, breastfeeding classes and weekly support group, and so much more. Midwifery care prenatal visits will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour per visit. During that time, you will have ample time to connect with your midwife during that time. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

● Pregnancy concerns and expectations
● Plans for your birth
● Nutrition
● Exercise
● Prenatal testing
● Mental and emotional health and wellbeing
● Family concerns
● Postpartum plans and adjustments

At Haumea Birth, you can have a home birth, and you will have a midwife with you every step of the way, as well as immediate postpartum care. They accept most insurances for prenatal and postpartum visits as well as home birth delivery under the supervision of a San Jose midwife. Be sure to contact them for any more information that you may need on their website.

Redwood Midwifery

Redwood Midwifery is a San Jose Midwife that provides planned home birth, supplemental midwifery care, and consulting. They offer comprehensive prenatal care, with attention to the whole person. This includes nutrition and lifestyle counseling, clinical monitoring of pregnant person and baby, referrals to other providers as necessary, laboratory testing, and preparation for birth and parenting. Birth care includes 24/7 on-call availability for your labor.

Redwood Midwifery also offers ongoing lactation support, postpartum nutrition and exercise counseling, support for family adjustments, birth certificate paperwork, lab work, and newborn screening. The entire package costs about $7600 and accepts many insurance plans for complete or partial coverage.

San Jose Midwife

Choosing a San Jose midwife ensures you will have a team that works closely with you and your family. They will offer peace of mind so you will be comfortable with your midwife throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey.

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