Los Gatos Preschools Committed to Your Children’s Education

The choice of a preschool is not an easy decision. You’re not just picking a place where your little one will play for hours each week. You’re also finding a place where your child will learn and grow. It’s important to look at the teachers, the curriculum, and the environment to ensure it’s a place where your little one will thrive. Los Gatos has no shortage of unique preschools to ensure your child finds the best match. If it’s time to start considering your options for Los Gatos preschools, I’d love to tell you about some of the best in the area.  

6 Los Gatos Preschools With Dedicated Teachers & Staff Guiding Your Children In Fulfilling Education

Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is a well-organized preschool with a fantastic curriculum and tons of natural beauty surrounding the building. The preschool chain was founded in 1986 to provide working parents with a high-quality option for their children. Since its starting, Bright Horizons has led the way in both child and elder care. They want to ensure your child is not just staying entertained during the workday but also embarking on an education that will guide them for years to come. 

The center has accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. It has developed a curriculum to grow your child’s social and cognitive skills. The teachers have decades of experience while continuing to incorporate the latest in education. Your child will learn critical thinking and STEM skills while exploring their natural sense of curiosity.

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Saratoga Observation Nursery School

Saratoga Observation Nursery School is a unique preschool centered on child-directed play. The school believes in creating a community where your child can flourish. You’ll be directly involved with the preschool, attending with your child one day a week. Teachers will be there to facilitate learning and socializing. Your child will constantly learn to trust their intuition and grow more independent. 

They’ll start their day in the historic red schoolhouse, where they’ll engage in an age-appropriate curriculum. They’ll clean up before cooking time, where they’ll assist in preparing back-to-nature meals. The school has a garden near the play yard and a chicken coop where your child can collect fresh eggs each school day. It’s the ideal preschool for families wanting a hands-on approach to their child’s education.

Los Gatos Parent Nursery School

Los Gatos Parent Nursery School is another cooperative preschool that lets you be active in the first years of your child’s education. The school started in 1946 to create an environment where children and parents could grow together. The curriculum is play-based, allowing your child to learn and explore in a way that benefits them the most. The school’s founder knew children needed to fully engage in the world to understand it. To this day, the school remains consistent in this philosophy. 

As a parent, you will guide crafts, prepare snacks, and keep the schoolhouse looking beautiful. The board of directors is filled with parents just like you who are passionate about creating a place that will foster your child’s curiosity. The community mindset ensures your child will learn independence while growing their social and developmental skills.

Mulberry School

Mulberry School has been a privately-owned preschool concerned with providing children with the best education since it opened over 55 years ago. The school is inclusive and works to address the unique needs of every child. The teachers at Mulberry have advanced degrees and have devoted their lives to providing the very best early childhood education

The school knows that you are your child’s very first teacher and encourages parent participation so you can actively continue your child’s education. Mulberry prioritizes developing social and emotional skills while teaching science, art, cooking, gardening, and more. Imaginative play allows your child to direct their own learning and engage in the world surrounding them. Mulberry is the perfect combination of cooperative and curriculum-based education. 

Growing FootPrints

Growing FootPrints is a Presbyterian preschool that teaches children about the world around them through a faith-based curriculum. The school offers age-appropriate lessons for each stage of early childhood. During preschool, the center will prioritize elementary school preparedness. Your child will get to learn and grow alongside other children their age. They’ll focus on building independence through play while engaging in a more structured curriculum. 

The teachers at the school are trained in early education and will work with your child to ensure they’re given every opportunity to thrive. They’ll help your child build fine motor skills while encouraging developmental and social growth. Through learning alongside students in this environment, your little one will be completely prepared once elementary school begins.

Kiddie Kampus

Kiddie Kampus is a faith-based program that started through Calvary Church in 1974. The school encourages children to learn by play and directs activities that will engage their curiosity. Their hands-on education will guide them through learning about art, music, and science. They’ll listen to daily Bible stories while also increasing their social skills. 

The teachers at Kiddie Kampus will talk your child through problem-solving and equip them with fundamental world skills. The school invites families to participate actively in their children’s education. You’ll be given the chance to work as a team with the school to help your child academically and socially. Your child will build up all the skills they need through the school’s well-developed curriculum as they prepare for kindergarten. 

Los Gatos Preschools

Choosing the perfect preschool for your little one can undoubtedly be a stressful decision. Hopefully, this list of Los Gatos preschools gives you a great idea of where to start on the journey of your child’s education. 

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