Q&A with Chef Guillemette

When you bring a new baby home, it’s more than just the baby that needs care – mom does too! Taking care of a newborn is all consuming, and it’s important that mom is well nourished for optimal recovery and bonding. Fortunately, there’s someone you can hire to ensure mom is well taken care: a postpartum chef.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with postpartum chef Chef Guillemette about how she creates nourishing and comforting meals for her clients to enjoy during those early days of parenting.

Read on for a Q&A with Chef Guillemette!

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Q&A with Chef Guillemette

Tell me about yourself

Bonjour! I’m Guillemette, mom of two little boys and Private Postpartum Chef. I moved from France to the Bay Area in 2016. This is the 6th country I have lived in! I grew up in different European and Mediterranean countries with a strong food culture and identity. I went to culinary school in Paris, graduated both in Cuisine and in Baking and worked in fancy restaurants and famous cooking schools. But I have always been less interested in working with kitchen tweezers and edible foams that in learning how food can bring communities together and heal by nourishing body and soul.

What services do you offer?

I provide delicious support to Postpartum families! I usually come to my clients after baby has arrived, so they can enjoy freshly-made meals during their Postpartum transition and the added benefit of a house that smells amazing for a few hours! However, I sometimes come before the due date to pack the freezer with meals for after the birth, and I sometimes also support moms at the end of pregnancy when they are really tired, achy, and still need nourishment! I create custom menus for each families, do all the grocery buying, and go to my clients’ house to cook. I spend about 4 to 5 hours in their kitchen cooking meals. Before I leave, I clean up, label everything, and leave a menu on the fridge (because I know sleep deprivation can make young parents forget things…).

What gave you the idea to focus your services on postpartum moms?

Both of my postpartum experiences were extremely challenging and eye opening. Both times, I had no support at all, either because we had just moved here, or because it was 2020. The first time, I ended up with postpartum depression that went undiagnosed for more than a year. Coming back from this took years. The second time, I was more prepared, but I still craved support and nourishment. Talking with many women in a similar situation made me realize how much information and support are missing in postpartum. So as my second child was just a few weeks old, I started dreaming about the possibility of combining my love of cooking balanced, happy food and my passion for newborn mothers by providing delicious PostPartum support.

How do you come up with a menu for your clients?

I send a questionnaire to all my new clients, so I get to know about their dietary restrictions, allergies, food preferences, etc. I use this to create the most appropriate menu for them. I always send the menu in advance, so they can confirm it looks appetizing to them!

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When someone hires you to prepare meals, how many weeks do you prepare at a time?

Usually, during a regular session, I prepare at least 20 servings of soups and stews, and about 12 servings of sweet and savory snacks. Most of what I make can be frozen. I can either come for a one-time session, or come back – weekly, or monthly for example.

Do you make meals for the whole family or just for mom?

That’s really up to the clients! My recipes are specifically created for the needs of Postpartum mothers : nourishing, healing, uplifting and balanced, to support new mothers’ physical and mental health. But they are delicious and healthy for the whole family, adults and kids! Sometimes, the mother will keep it all for herself; sometimes, meals will be shared with a partner, kids, and even visiting family.

Do you offer both meals and snacks?

Yes! I prepare meals and savory snacks (all kinds of hummus, hand pies, falafels, frittatas, …) and sweet snacks or desserts (fruit tartes, amazing granola bars, date and chocolate bars, custards, …). Everything is nutrient-packed and flavor-packed!

What do you love about your job?

I love creating the perfect menu for each new client. I love recipe testing. I love meeting new moms and families. I love to feel the special ‘vibe’ when I step in a new house. I love to be able to bring some presence and light conversation to an isolated new mom. I love to know that I’m very actively supporting a family by offering them nourishment as well as more energy and time. I love to see my clients going for seconds, and thirds with a big smile on their face: my mission is accomplished!

How long do your services last?

As long as new families feel the need to have delicious support! Some clients hire me for the first few weeks of life with a baby; others reach out when baby is already 6 months old but mom is depleted. I have been going to some families for almost a year. So there is no rule! I am flexible and meet families wherever they are in their journey.

I am on a gluten/free diet – I am vegetarian – vegan – low sodium – I hate mushrooms and beef etc… are you able to accommodate my diet?

Yes, absolutely! I create custom menus for every client and take into account all their restrictions and preferences.

Do you still cook for your family, after cooking for other families every day?

Yes, I do! I cook from scratch everyday for my family after getting home from a client. After cooking the whole morning, I cook again… to relax. I just can’t help it!

Where can moms find you online?

My website (use this to get in touch) / My Instagram, for all recent information and weekly yummy pictures updates

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Thank you, Chef Guillemette!

What an amazing service for expecting moms! And what an incredible thing to feel cared for as a new mom caring for your new baby. I’m so grateful to Chef Guillemette for sharing about her business as a postpartum chef.

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