San Francisco Summer Camps to Keep Kids Active & Learning

Summer camps are a great way to bridge the summer gap for kids and give them a safe space to grow and explore. From nature exploration to cooking classes to STEM projects, these three San Francisco summer camps offer enriching experiences to keep kids active and learning all summer long.

3 San Francisco Summer Camps for Unforgettable Summers of Engaging Education 

City Kid Camps

4414 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, CA 94122

City Kid Camps offer safe, aware, active outdoor exploration for kids in the Bay Area. Growing up in a 21st-century urban area means spending lots of time inside. City Kid Camps makes sure that kids have plenty of time exploring the great outdoors, supporting the next generation of responsible, respectful, environmentally-conscious youth as they interact with the wide world around them. City Kid Camp is open to children between 8 and 12 years old. 

This camp encourages outdoor social time, active play, exploring trees and dirt, and channeling energy into positive peer interactions. It includes games, sports, and the city’s history, while safely guiding children through various locations and activities. This camp is 100% outdoors, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle through exploring and playing outside every day, whether raining or sunny.

10-year-old girl in a cream dress standing in a grassy field with purple wildflowers

Camp Brandeis

655 Brotherhood Way

San Francisco, CA 94132

Camp Brandeis provides a safe, supportive, engaging environment for Bay Area kids from kindergarten through fifth grade. This camp offers a great place to extend learning in creative, inquisitive, joyful ways during the summer. Kids can experience STEM, art, and outdoor recreation time with programs based on principles from Brandeis’ Ethical Creativity Institute, which focuses on kindness, integrity, and service.

Camp themes include The Inventor Center, where kids can put their creativity to the test, discovering new creations and exploring famous inventors of the past. They can experiment, engage in STEM-based challenges, create fun art, and play innovative cam games. Another camp theme is The Grand Outdoors, where kids can become an Earth Ambassador while exploring the natural world through engaging in science and art activities. 

Nature-based games, nature walks, and STEM tasks are all included. Campers can learn how to explore Earth’s resources and take better care of the planet. Kids can sign up for one, two, or three-week sessions.

10-year-old girl in a cream dress standing in a field of purple wildflowers looking off in the distance


4228 Geary Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94118

Peekadoodle is a preschool located in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond district. Summer camp programs are offered for kids ages 3-5 years old. Peekadoodle camps include art, cooking, music, dance, outdoor time, and much more. Camps are led by an experienced team of preschool teachers passionate about providing kids with engaging, enriching, memorable experiences. 

Peekadoodle summer camps also provide snacks. There are four 2-week camp options to choose from, with extended day care available. Each week has its own unique theme and curriculum. Themes include art, cooking, science, and imagination. 

10-year-old girl twirling her lacy dress in a field of long green grasses

San Francisco Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way to keep kids active during the summer. These three San Francisco summer camps provide kids with safe, fun, enriching experiences that will continue their learning throughout the summer. From cooking classes to nature walks to engaging science experiments, these camps provide hands-on, interactive experiences that kids will remember forever. 

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