Scanbabies | 3D and 4D Ultrasound for Parents in Los Gatos, CA

Pregnancy can be so nerve-wracking! Luckily, places like Scanbabies help keep our nerves down and allow us to see our sweet babies while still in the womb! Here’s why Scanbabies is one of the best places to get an ultrasound.

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About Scanbabies

Scanbabies offers 3D Ultrasound, 4D Ultrasound, and other medical-grade ultrasound services provided by Lance Dursi. The services are great for pregnancy patients located in Los Gatos and Monterey. Lance Dursi boasts 35 years of experience while promising one of the most personalized and professional ultrasound services in the area. It’s noted that having an ultrasound at Scanbabies is like having your own personal specialist sonographer or ultrasound technician.


Scanbabies is proud to service many different types of patients while offering various scans and packages. 2-D peek scans are offered at reasonable prices, while 2-D diagnostic fetal sonograms before 16 weeks and 2-D diagnostic fetal sonograms after 16 weeks are available and include fetal sex determination. Their 3-D and 4-D peek with motion packages can add diagnostic assessments for additional costs, with 4-D diagnostic fetal sonograms before 18 weeks being a separate package.

Suppose you have any concerns about your fetus. In that case, they also offer Biophysical profiles, which can be used to identify any signs of fetal distress. Moving away from fetal monitoring, they have gynecological sonograms, fertility scans, and abdominal diagnostic scan packages available for clients. They also provide preparation instructions for each of their scans, depending on the gestation of the client or the reason the client is there. If you’re there for a prenatal scan, drink lots of water to get the best image possible!


While having multiple packages available, Scanbabies also has many offers that you can apply, especially as a repeat customer. They promise that if fetal sex is not determined or you cannot see the baby at your scheduled scan, they will perform another scan at a later date for half of the original price. In addition, you can score $20-$30 off the actual scan price for repeat scans. There is also a special discount when purchasing multiple scans. You can get $40 off for two scan packages and $60 off for three scan packages. Those offers are perfect for the mommies who don’t want to miss a thing during their precious pregnancies! For extra fees, Scanbabies also offers on-call and after-hours scans. These are very helpful if there is a potential emergency, pregnant or not!

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Scanbabies is an experienced, affordable, and personalized ultrasound studio meant to cater to their different clients and each of their client’s needs. So whether you are there to catch a glimpse of a sweet baby face or get diagnostics on fertility, vaginal issues, or your abdominals, Scanbabies is a fantastic option. They are sure to please you and meet all your expectations!

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